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Are you concerned that your child might have Autism Spectrum Disorder? Are you concerned about attention or learning challenges? Are you stuck on a waitlist, waiting for answers while your child misses out on the help they need? I can help! I’m a licensed Psychologist in Tennessee who specializes in the assessment of Autism Spectrum Disorder and  ADHD. My goal is to provide high quality gold-standard assessments—without an extensive wait. I’d love to help you on your journey towards better understanding your child.

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Comprehensive Autism Assessments: First, sign up for a consultation so that we can discuss your concerns and review your child’s developmental history. Following your consultation, I will recommend a comprehensive assessment if warranted.

ADHD/Learning Evaluations: Upon booking the evaluation by phone or by using our website, you will be sent forms to complete online. Forms will be emailed to both caregivers and teachers prior to the testing appointment. On the day of the assessment, background information will be reviewed with parents and testing will be conducted. Tests administered will vary by child, but typically include an IQ test, attention assessments, and academic testing if needed. ADHD testing only available for children who are in elementary school or older. 

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Autism Assessments: I use best practice guidelines when assessing Autism Spectrum Disorder. During your initial consultation, I will ask for a detailed developmental history of your child. Your child’s assessment will include a cognitive measure,  the Autism Diagnostic Observation System (ADOS-2), and an adaptive behavior measure. Additional areas (ADHD, learning disabilities) can be added as needed. After the assessment, we will review results and recommendations and you will be given a full written report detailing the assessment, diagnosis, and recommendations.

ADHD Evaluations: Information is required from your child's teachers to complete an ADHD evaluation. I will request email addresses and email forms to each teacher prior to our scheduled appointment. These forms must be completed by ALL academic teachers prior to the appointment. Elementary age students may have RTI teachers who should also complete the forms. Middle and High school students likely have multiple teachers who will need to complete the forms. Please bring any prior school psychoeducational or IEP evaluations and RTI data to your appointment. Also bring your child's IEP if they have one. This information can help guide testing plans and inform diagnoses. If teachers wish to provide a letter regarding their concerns or observations, this may also be helpful, but is not required. The beginning of the appointment will be a review of available information and a discussion of parent concerns. Next, applicable psychological tests will be administered individually to your child. Lastly, I will meet with parents to review results and discuss diagnosis and recommendations. The appointment will likely last 3-4 hours. Make sure your child is well rested and pack a snack for them. If your child is sick, please reschedule the appointment.  A written report will be sent to parents within 2 weeks. 

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In order to provide you with a high quality assessment within a timely manner, I am unable to accept insurance. I charge flat rates with no hidden fees. I am able to provide you with a Superbill to submit to your insurance. In some instances, services may be covered as out of network. It is your responsibility to determine if preauthorization is needed.


Autism assessments: Check the scheduling portal or call for the next available appointment.  The consultation can be conducted online or in person and will last about 60-120 minutes. You may then choose to schedule an assessment, which will be conducted in person and lasts about three-four hours. Following the assessment, there will be a 60 minute session to review your child’s written report. The report will be 5-15 pages long and includes assessment results, diagnosis, and recommendations. I aim to have a report in your hands within 2-3 weeks of your testing appointment. 

ADHD/Learning Evaluations: ADHD evaluations will be completed in one visit. The visit will be 3-4 hours in duration and will include reviewing background information with caregivers, psychological testing, and a review of the results and recommendations. A written report will be provided within 2 weeks following the assessment. 

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My passion for working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder began during my undergraduate internship at The Sunshine School in Searcy, AR. Following my graduation from Harding University, I completed my doctorate in Clinical Psychology through Wheaton College, located just outside of Chicago. While in the Chicago area, I worked with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder at New Connections Academy, Anne and Robert Lurie Children’s Hospital, and Chicago Children’s Clinic. I then completed a residency in Pediatric Psychology at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, MO. I completed a two year post-doctoral fellowship Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, where I was awarded the Autism Fellowship in addition to my fellowship in Pediatric Psychology.  As the Autism Fellow, I conducted autism assessments as part of a study sponsored by the National Institutes of Health. I have completed clinical training in the ADOS-2 through Vanderbilt’s TRIAD program and Children’s Mercy Hospital. I completed my research certification in the ADOS-2 through Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Following my training, I returned to my home state of Tennessee, where I have been working with children with autism since 2016.


Located in the Seed Program

 at Balmoral Presbyterian Church

6413 Quince Road

Memphis, TN 38119


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